It was at the Fishing.  

    I remember one case that had place at the fishing. It was in Karelia in 1986. 
    My father, two my college friends and I was fishing on the lake Krimozero near town Kondopoga. It was cool September. One day fishing was splendid and we came back to our tent when it was dark. We decided to leave the caught fishes outdoors. We put it into the fishing carrier bag (made from net) and hung that bag on the tree branch, 1meter(about three foots) from the ground. Then we had supper and went to sleep. When we awoke in the morning we couldn't find the bag. But besides that my friend Alexander hadn't found his hat.
Who did steal those things? People? But we were alone on the bank of the lake. We all went to look for missing things. And find the bag on the bank in 300 foots from our tent. Some animal gnawed it through. Of course, there weren't any fishes. Not far from that place I found stolen hat. It was gnawed through, too. It was Alexander's beloved hat and he was so grieved. I can understand why unknown animal took the fishes - maybe it was hungry. But why it was needed in hat - I do not understand till now.