One day in the town Buj.

"Buj is a small town of Russian
with quiet and leisurely life"
(from Web)

Three was some kind of club trip. My first aim was to make another repair of my car. After the repair was ended I had made a visit in the small town Buj - one  of the towns of the Russian North. I started there early Saturday morning from Kostroma. There was a distance about 100 km. I passed this town several times during my previous trips but never stopped here. Last time I arrived Buj I met there the tank column. I had made several photos before trooper asked me to leave the place.

Soon I reached the big ring square. Road here runs off from the town in both directions.

This time I chose third direction and drove to seek the railway station. It is unusual railway station because the church is constructed into station building. There are no so many such stations in Russia. My navigator was wrong again and I had to ask natives about road to station. It was not so far from place where navigator led me. I had to raise up to the bridge across the railways to make some photos of station building with church of St. Nicholas in its right wing. St Nicholas is most revered saint at Russian North.

There was too cold outdoors, especially on the top of bridge and I went into the church. There was the service here and there were many people there, some of them brought sucklings. I suppose -to baptize newborns. I bought and put the candle in the church and went into station building. I wanted to have hot tea in the cafe but had found several vagrants here. I hadn't any desire to drink tea in their company and retired from there to my car.
Then I drove along the longest street of Buj to its end. The numbers of last houses of it were far above 200! Then I returned to the ring square. Around was the place where town began. On the high bank in place where two rivers are meeting the new wooden wall stays  now. And the white rotunda is not far from the wall. 

The big cathedral stands behind them. I was lucky and heard beautiful bells ringing during I walked there. I even made a shot of the ringer.

After the ringing ended I had felt that I had frozen and went to my car to had a warm. Then I stayed warm car again and crossed the square to make some photos of wooden sculptures which stood on the big lawn near the building.

Then I remembered that I didn't see the locomotive's monument which must stand near depot. And I drove to the station. Firstly I drank tea with the sweet bun and then asked cafe's seller where can I find locomotive. She answered me that she isn't natives and didn't know. I went to the big hall of station and had found a couple of policemen there. I asked them the same question and they told me where I can find locomotive. And then they asked me to show them my passport. I asked them: "Why?" They answered that is necessary after Volgograd's act of terrorism. I told them funny story about three policemen (militioners) and went to see locomotive. I could find it but also I had to ask railwaymen I met on the railways. They showed me place. I never saw so large locomotive before!

I made some photos and returned to station where made a couple of shots too. (I like to catch on photo some interesting signs with funny names or pictures).

When I sat in my car and decided to watch my papers about Buj I herad the knock into car window. That was the policeman. He wanted to watch what photos I had made at station. He said that his boss asked him about that. Well - I showed him pics of locomotive and funny stall's name on the platform. Then I went to the town where I made a couple of stops to catch some funny signs on camera. Unfortunatelly, I forgot to make a shot of "Socialism street".

Shoe store "Friday"

And time to return home came than. I drove back and have one stop on the road to make a little meal and tea from thermos.  Then I continued my way to home and low sun was running to horizon opposite me. In that short winter day sun had  a time to grow a great fiery-red beard